When a small group of people so passionate about coffee came together, it is hard not to imagine something spectacular emerging.

Opened in August 2012, Comet Coffee is the hard work and collaboration of owner Mark Attwood and partner and pastry chef Stephanie Fischer with the amazing assistance and contributions of friends and family.

The cafe was borne of independence and a strong desire to create a space that so represented what Mark has always believed a coffee shop should be – a place where coffee is cherished and fun, tweaked to its best cup, and highlighted by service and presentation.

We describe ourselves as geeks and nerds and silly people who just really love coffee and want to make it well. We get excited about a great single origin espresso or a really wonderful latte art pour; we hope to share that excitement with you.

And with the shop's St. Louis roots and its place within the Highlands, it seemed only appropriate to receive its namesake from the grand Comet rollercoaster.