We knew within a year of opening the Oakland location that we were going to need a bigger kitchen.
— Stephanie Fischer

Comet Croissanterie & Creamery has been a long time coming.

Within the first year of opening Comet Coffee & Microbakery at 5708 Oakland Avenue, we knew that the tiny kitchen would not be able to keep up with demand. Our customers desired more pastries, shared disappointment when we sold out early in the day, and often wondered aloud to us when we might have something unique and special. The location at 640 W. Woodbine Avenue is our attempt to address those comments (though we can't make any promises!).

We knew that we needed a bigger kitchen, but we also knew that we wanted a different sort of presence in St. Louis. Thus, Comet Croissanterie & Creamery was born as primarily a commissary kitchen but also as an opportunity to bring great espresso, pastries, and ice cream to this Kirkwood location.

The place is small. Four bar stools at a long counter and very little standing room. It's a location meant for a quick espresso or a take away latte with a delicious croissant in the morning. In the evening, the Croissanterie becomes the Creamery, selling homemade ice cream made from as many local ingredients as possible and striving to achieve that amazing and delicious quality that our customers -- old and new -- expect from us and that we expect from ourselves.

It's a new adventure -- one that is slowly unfolding. We're glad to have you with us for the ride.

Closed until after Easter.

7am to 11am
Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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