640 W Woodbine Ave
Kirkwood, Missouri 63122


About Us

Espresso bar. Croissanterie (or viennoiserie). The Croissanterie is our morning-operated bakery, specializing in croissants and espresso-based drinks. It isn't a traditional café or coffee shop. Think very European. Grab a cappuccino, drink it at the bar, munch on a buttery croissant, and then head off to work or to school or to the wide blue yonder. Or take everything on the road and treat us like a pit stop.

Our menu is purposefully simple. We're about consistent, high quality croissants and espresso. It's about showcasing our pastry work and our beautiful dough sheeter that we won at auction (whose bright yellow inspired a brand new paint job for our La Marzocco Linea espresso machine that used to be at 5708 Oakland Avenue). Right now, we're keeping to our tried and true basics. Butter, chocolate, and almond croissants. Espresso, cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes. European-style high butterfat content butter. Delicious whole milk from Rolling Lawns Farms. 

We know that better ingredients means better pastries and espresso drinks, so that's what we strive to bring you. Welcome to the Croissanterie.

See the menu here.