640 W Woodbine Ave
Kirkwood, Missouri 63122


About Us

Mark loves ice cream. So does Stephanie and the rest of the Comet crew. We imagine that you do, too. Really, the Creamery was created out of a desire to have more great ice cream available to Kirkwood and St. Louis as a whole. We know that custard is the big thing here, but we also know that sometimes you just want ice cream and that's why we're here.

Like with our coffee and our pastries, our goal is to bring you the very best and highest quality ingredients and product that we possibly can. This means using local milk and cream from Rolling Lawns Farms out of Greenville, IL with their 120 Holstein cows and fourth-generation family dairy. We also try to use local ingredients whenever possible, which means there's seasonality to our ice creams. We can't promise cantaloupe sorbet in February!

We also know that not everybody can enjoy a dairy-based ice cream, so we try to make sure we have at least one vegan option and one lactose-free option for those with dietary restrictions. Everybody should get to enjoy a frozen dessert every now and again (or, you know, every weekend).

Our other pride and joy, of course, is our waffle cone. Made from scratch and made fresh every night (smell that butter and sugar!) during our weekend ice cream service, our waffle cones have become extraordinarily popular. Sweet, caramelized sugar and butter, rolled right before your eyes. Don't be afraid to order one just to eat! Steph may even make you a fortune cookie...

We hope that you come to enjoy our ice cream as much as we do. We're always experimenting and always playing with new flavors,  but we're having fun and we're glad to have you joining us. If you have any flavor suggestions, don't hesitate to send them our way!