Comet Coffee is an independent coffee shop and microbakery that prides itself on employing individuals that are passionate about quality coffee and pastries and truly love what they do. We are a small-ish crew of eight that includes co-owners Mark Attwood and Stephanie Fischer. Together we endeavor to bring St. Louis some of the best coffee, pastries, and service available.


Mark Attwood


Mark Attwood began working in coffee at a Kaldi's Coffee Bar located within a Schnucks supermarket. After fully recognizing his interest and passion for coffee, he left to start his own shop to practice what he had come to love. His desire to serve the best coffees he can find, as well as the brilliant pastries by co-owner Steph Fischer, led to the opening of Comet Coffee.

Like all good geeks, Mark enjoys sleeping in (when he can), cute cat photos, and video games.

Stephanie Fischer


Steph Fischer is the co-owner and mastermind of Comet Coffee's pastries. She trained in pastry at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. With experience in coffee and a degree in pastry work, she has the ability to combine the best of both worlds.

She loves challenging herself with custom cakes and other pastries and keeps the rest of the Comet crew from going insane. 



Megan Cronin


Megan is our hidden kitchen elf, kept in the back and forced to craft our delicious baked goods. As our first assistant pastry chef, she is also our salvation, prepping and making all the delicious, heavenly treats and the like so we, the Barista, don't have to.



Billy helps makes pastries and also makes delicious coffee. He also flexes the muscles of his lanky arms as he rolls out croissant dough and whites out the kitchen with flour. He also appreciates '63 BMWs, Polaroid cameras, and swimming.

Gretchen Haughey


Gretchen is well-familiar with the industry, having worked for Kaldi's and also splitting her time among various awesome restaurants in the city. She's even been lucky enough to have worked in coffee in New Zealand. When she's not at work, she enjoys reading and also coaches girls diving at the collegiate level.

Seth Diepholz


Seth comes to us from Kaldi's and has been a longtime customer of Comet, visiting us in the early days of our time open. He has fun cooking and trying new things, so long as they're vegetarian and delicious. He possesses a quiet and chill sort of demeanor that fits perfectly to offset some of the crazy that can arise with too much caffeine.

Alyssa Knowling


Alyssa is a recent college grad with a background in poetry and visual arts. She's a skilled artist and a big coffee fan, and so begins her career in coffee at Comet.

Brandon Turnbull


Brandon studied anthropology, loves good music, and really enjoys making coffee.



Daniel, like most of our baristas, comes from a background in coffee elsewhere. He is one of the newer additions to our crew and works as our local firefighter to put out all of the emergency fires so Mark and Steph don't have to. He likes fine watches, bacon buns, and other nice things.

Jules Brown


Jules has worked in specialty coffee for almost seven years and diligently attempts to learn and understand more about this changing and evolving industry without overdosing on caffeine. She's just finished her undergraduate degree and is fulfilling the stereotype of over-educated barista until she figures out what comes next.

Frank Ladish

Frank used to be a customer of Comet Coffee. He spent so much time here that we dragged him behind the counter and put him to work, and ever since, he has been diligently educating himself of the specialty coffee world.

When Frank isn't spending all his hard-earned cash on bacon buns and coffee, he's rocking out with his band like your typical barista-artist/musician. Look for him at Venice Cafe on the last Saturday of the month (usually, anyways).

Mike Butler


Mike self-describes as "Christian | Barista | Sports Fan | Student". He is a connoisseur of sleeveless shirts and cheap beer, especially of the 'murican variety. He's also a wannabe Pokemon trainer who's gotta catch 'em all. He also goes by the name of "DJ Butts". The Internet tells no lies. It is an appropriate title, as he is normally the butt of all our jokes.

Adam Kovatovich


Adam maybe does videography? He likes coffee. That's for certain.

*Please note that all biographies (or lack thereof) were written by Jules, who has limited interaction with some of her coworkers and also likes to pretend she's well-versed in the way of snark.